Trump’s Latest CVS Stock Drop: CVS Stores Pulled Ads From Twitter and Amazon After Anti-Trump Tweets

Trump’s Latest CVS Stock Drop: CVS Stores Pulled Ads From Twitter and Amazon After Anti-Trump Tweets

Breitbart News has learned from sources close to the matter that CVS stock was the first to go dark after Donald Trump took the reins of the Presidency.

CVS has been under fire for several weeks, with many pundits calling out its poor performance, including a CNN report from December where it said that CTSC, the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit manager, had not done a single sale of new prescription medication for more than a year.

A week later, the stock closed at $1.00. 

But on January 11, CVS pulled all ads from Twitter and announced it would suspend its ads on Amazon. 

The move by CVS came as Trump was making his way to Capitol Hill to press his case for the tax reform legislation that was being drafted in the House and Senate. 

CVS CEO Greg Wyler had announced that he was pulling ads from Amazon, and he also announced that the company would halt advertising on Twitter and YouTube, according to several sources. 

Sources close to CVS told Breitbart News that the decision to pull ads from all social media platforms was not a surprise.

The company was under pressure from both Trump and Republican lawmakers to do so as the Trump administration was pressing for major tax reform reforms. 

“The CVS brand is the most trusted brand on the Internet,” said one source close to a CVS employee who spoke to Breitbart News.

“The public wants their brand back.

The CVS stores are a critical part of the public, but they have a lot to hide. 

As the President has made clear, we will continue to operate CVS to the best of our ability and we will make the best products available to our customers.” 

Trump’s decision to take over the CVS corporate leadership role is the latest sign that the president is preparing for his next big push, and the fact that his administration is moving swiftly on major tax overhaul legislation and major policy changes could be a boon for the chain, which is in the midst of a restructuring that has seen the closure of some stores. 

In a tweet Friday morning, Trump announced that CVC was closing all its stores in the US and Canada.”CVS is closing all of its U.S. and Canadian stores and has shut down most of its Canadian stores,” Trump said.

“They have a great opportunity to be profitable again and we are proud of them and we thank them for the incredible job they have done for us.

CVC will reopen in 2019.” 

While Trump’s campaign rhetoric has been focused on tax reform and healthcare reform, his administration has also been ramping up its push for major infrastructure projects. 

One of the first major infrastructure infrastructure projects announced by the Trump Administration is a $1 trillion pipeline to bring natural gas from the Bakken Shale to the Gulf Coast.

The pipeline would carry crude oil from Canada to Texas. 

Additionally, Trump has also proposed building a pipeline to carry coal from Appalachia to the Midwest, while also constructing a natural gas pipeline that would carry oil from the Midwestern Midwest to Asia. 

Earlier this week, Trump was also rumored to be considering an oil pipeline to the Persian Gulf.

The proposed $2.8 billion pipeline, which would carry natural gas, crude oil and petrochemicals from the Middle East to Asia, is estimated to cost about $400 billion. 

It is unclear whether Trump will make any final decisions on the pipeline project, as some of the major oil pipeline projects are still being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies. 

Another major infrastructure project under consideration is a massive gas pipeline to ship crude oil to Asia and Europe. 

Other projects under consideration include a natural-gas pipeline to deliver natural gas to Asia from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe and South America. 

Trump has also announced the construction of a natural carbon-capture and storage facility to store and store carbon from oil and gas drilling. 

These and other projects are expected to cost between $1 and $2 trillion, according a Wall Street Journal report. 

Meanwhile, Trump’s administration has been working on a plan to combat climate change. 

While many in the Republican Party are calling for the immediate withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to combat global warming, Trump is reportedly in favor of remaining in the agreement. 

Some Republican lawmakers have said they would prefer to withdraw the United State from the agreement altogether, but others, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have argued that staying in the pact is not worth the cost of being less successful. 

According to Breitbart, Trump had planned to take the steps on Thursday in a speech to the United Nations, but he changed his mind and opted to stay in the Paris agreement.

“The Paris climate agreement is not only a deal to save the planet, it is also a deal for the future of our country,” Trump told the United Nation. “I do


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