Which is the best Google Stock Tracker?

A new tracker for Google stock is now available to the public, and the first version of it is available on the Google Stock Database.We had a chance to review the new tracker, which is called the GoogleStockTracker and was launched by Google in May.The tracker includes a variety of features, including historical stock data, data from its parent company, […]

What you need to know about Nokia stock

Nokia shares are down more than 8 per cent at €0.85 per share, while the market is still trying to digest what happened last night.The stock is down 4 per cent in 2017 so far, but this is the first time the market has seen a drop of more than 6 per cent since March 2017.Shares of Nokia have lost […]

How to Save Yourself from the Debt Trap

You have two options when it comes to saving money, one of which is to invest in stocks that are going to grow.The other option is to use money you have saved to buy stocks that have already gone bust. To find out which is the best choice, we analyzed more than a hundred stocks from across the globe. If you’re looking […]

Which stocks are the best performers?

The VIX has hit a record high and investors are taking to the streets.What to do next?Read moreNews.com:VX index: What you need to knowThe VIX, a measure of the price of the S&P 500 index, is currently trading at an all-time high.”VIX will hit a new record this week and it will probably go through this all week,” Mr Roussos […]

Lowes stock is up 7.2% in Q3, while others rally

Lowes shares rose 7.3% to $2.18, after hitting a record high of $2,185 on Wednesday.The stock rose on hopes that higher inflation in the United States and lower interest rates in Europe would help it recover from the recent plunge in oil prices.Lowes posted a year-on-year increase of 12.7%, to $4.16.Analysts said the company had been buoyed by rising energy […]


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