How to make money from Alibaba stock

The tech giant has been on the hunt for an international buyer to take over the Alibaba business since the company went public in 2014.But after a deal brokered in May, it was not clear who the right buyer was.Now, however, Alibaba is looking to acquire its rival, Japan’s SoftBank.“If they were to purchase SoftBank, I think it would make […]

How a tech startup’s acquisition of $10bn could reshape the internet

Tech startups often face competition from their big, established competitors.They often want to take advantage of the same kinds of customers they are trying to reach.But they face challenges, too, in reaching those customers and attracting them.They also face competition for the same things, such as the ability to innovate quickly.The recent acquisition of a tech start-up by Google is […]

When the next big movie comes out, it’s going to be an interesting time to watch

Bleacher Head, which is owned by AOL, said its new film-streaming service will be “the next big thing for media consumption.””AOL’s CinemaNOW will offer a cinematic experience that is unique to the entertainment business,” the site said.“As an AOL Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to watch and discover the films, TV shows, and movies of your choice in a whole […]

What is this subreddit?

Reddit /u/rsp_gordon_m_ has an AMA with redditors who want to know what this subreddit is about.He mentions how this subreddit exists to encourage the creation of content and to provide a safe space for people to discuss politics and social issues.He also mentioned that there is a subreddit called /r\/srsr, and that is about people of all genders, backgrounds, and […]


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