How to make money from Alibaba stock

The tech giant has been on the hunt for an international buyer to take over the Alibaba business since the company went public in 2014.But after a deal brokered in May, it was not clear who the right buyer was.Now, however, Alibaba is looking to acquire its rival, Japan’s SoftBank.“If they were to purchase SoftBank, I think it would make […]

How to get in on the ‘Moderna’ IPO

Moderna stock closed up 3.85% at $1.08 on Wednesday on the Nasdaq.The company is up nearly 3% since its October 10 debut.The stock has been trading at about $1 per share since March.The stock has grown by about 30% in the past two years, but the company has struggled to keep pace with growth in other emerging markets.

Why the New York Stock Exchange stock market is losing ground to the NASDAQ: Why the Nasdaq is losing its mojo

By Michael D. DubePublished Aug 08, 2018 09:08:10The Nasdaq stock market lost a quarter of its value during the week of Aug. 7, and the NASB’s stock index has now dropped by more than 40 percent, to its lowest level since 2009, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.The NASDAQ dropped about 3 percent on Monday to 1,053.23.Nasdaq had lost about […]


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