Obama: GOP will be ‘very disappointed’ if it can’t stop ‘fake news’

Obama: GOP will be ‘very disappointed’ if it can’t stop ‘fake news’

President Barack Obama called for Republicans to “be very disappointed” if the party’s presidential nomination process is “totally compromised.”

“There are no limits,” he said in a Friday evening news conference, referring to the GOP’s efforts to prevent a repeat of 2012.

It is a bipartisan problem.” “

And it is not just a Republican problem.

It is a bipartisan problem.”

He called the GOP a “political party that does not have the ability to stand up and defend itself.”

He said that if Republicans lose the nomination, he said the party would “rethink our entire party.”

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Obama called the party “unprecedentedly corrupt.”

The president said the GOP “will have to be very, very, well aware of what their choices are and what their weaknesses are.”

“That’s going to be a challenge for them,” he added.

Democrats have already vowed to challenge GOP candidates in the 2018 election.

Republican officials, meanwhile, are not buying the president’s assessment.

“I have not heard a single Republican talk about anything like this.

The Republican Party has been working to create a system that allows for the nomination of people who are untainted by partisan politics,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

It’s a dereliction of duty and it’s an assault on democracy.” “

That is completely unacceptable.

It’s a dereliction of duty and it’s an assault on democracy.”

McConnell also said that “in the process, Republicans have created a situation where we are looking at potentially a very, you know, somewhat fractured Republican Party.”

The GOP is pushing to block a slate of presidential candidates from entering the nomination fight.

The party has called for GOP candidates to refrain from campaigning for the general election, which will take place in 2020.

The effort is also being driven by former Vice President Joe Biden, who is challenging Trump for the party nod.

Republicans say it will make it harder for them to win the White House and potentially a Senate majority.

“The Republican Party’s effort to take the nomination away from the president is an assault against the American people, and it is going to cost them in the electoral college and at the ballot box,” McConnell said Friday.

“We have to stop this.”

Democrats say the GOP effort is just another example of Republicans using their control of Congress to block an opportunity for the country to elect the next president.

“This is a concerted effort to suppress the votes of voters, to make sure that their votes don’t count,” said DNC spokeswoman Karina Dunn.

“Democrats have already been outspent, and their candidates have already had their names thrown in the trash bin.”

Republicans and Democrats both say they intend to fight to defeat the Republican efforts.

“It’s not the first time Republicans have tried to steal the nomination from the people,” said Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., who is running against Trump for his party’s nomination.

“As we’ve seen before, it is time for Republicans, Democrats and Independents to stand together to stop these tactics and put America first.”


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