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Moderna is in the market for an executive to replace David Sirota, but that hasn’t stopped it from trying to lure a more experienced executive to its board.

The company is currently in the process of interviewing for a replacement for Sirotas role, according to The Wall Street Journal, and sources close to the talks have said that a “very aggressive” offer was made to the company.

In addition, Moderna’s board is considering a bid for another CEO to fill the vacant position, according the Journal.

Moderna also plans to open a new research facility in New York City, but the exact location is still under consideration, according WSJ.

Sirotases resignation could also mean a change at Moderna.

“I have to say, it has been a tough year for me,” Sirotias said in a statement.

“I know my family is hurting as well as the entire Moderna family.

I am truly grateful for all of the help and support I have received, and I will continue to do everything I can to help my team and our investors and our shareholders.”


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