How to get a free bottle of Coca Cola for your birthday

How to get a free bottle of Coca Cola for your birthday

The Coca Colas holiday promotion is over.

The popular soda brand has handed out free cans of Coke to the public, with a $1.49 price tag on top.

Coca Cola CEO Carlos Brito told ABC News the company had “categorically said no” to the freebies.

“We’re pleased to say that this offer is over,” Brito said.

He said the freebie was a part of a “long-term strategy to make sure the best possible Coke to drink experience for our fans is available.”

“It was never about trying to increase sales,” Briton said.

“We’re very proud of the product, and that we’ve made it easier for people to enjoy our brand.”

Coke said the promotion was “an opportunity to extend a special bottle of Coke with the love and support of our loyal fans”.

The deal includes a free can of Coke for every birthday drink purchased online.

In 2016, the company spent more than $1 billion to promote its freebies, which have been widely praised by consumers.

The Coca Colos freebie is available online in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

You can also get a Coke with any beverage, from a soda to a non-dairy milk.

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