How to find stock prices in Australia

How to find stock prices in Australia

A new algorithm that searches for stocks with the most recent price history, using a “stock index” algorithm, has found the world’s biggest stock markets to be the most popular places to buy, sell and trade.

New Scientist’s Sarah Folland reports.

1:00 Stock index: Australia’s biggest and most popular stock market 1:04 The world’s top 10 biggest stock market indexes by market cap 1:16 The world has the world biggest stock exchange and the world-leading market for ETFs 1:21 The world is the biggest economy in the world, but the biggest stocks are in Australia 1:30 New Zealand is the world leader in mining, and it has been growing rapidly.

1/16 1:31 Australia’s top ten biggest stock indexes by value 1:44 Australia has the biggest stock exchanges, the biggest ETFs, the world market for the world of ETFs and a world-wide trading infrastructure.

1 / 16 2:07 The top 10 largest stock indexes in the US by market value 2:12 Australia’s share of the world economy is estimated to be $12.6 trillion, according to the US Federal Reserve.

2 / 16 3:09 Australia’s largest ETF is the MSCI Australia Large Cap Index ETF.

3 / 16 4:30 Australian stocks are a leader in terms of the amount of money they have in the country.

4:37 Australian stock indexes are highly correlated to the S&P 500, with the largest correlation of 0.7, according in New Scientist.

4 / 16 5:21 New Zealand has the third largest economy in world, after Japan and Germany, according the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

5 / 16 6:33 Australia is the second largest economy behind Japan in terms the GDP per capita, with more than $20,000.

6 / 16 7:21 Australia has one of the lowest share prices in the OECD and the second lowest share price of any developed economy behind only Canada.

7 / 16 8:21 Australian stocks have the third highest market capitalisation of any country in the group behind Germany and Singapore.

8 / 16 9:24 Australia has an average market cap of about $3,700 per person, according data from the Australian Securities Exchange.

9 / 16 10:24 The biggest stocks in Australia are in Sydney and Melbourne.

10 / 16 11:23 The world stock index, the S & P 500, is Australia’s second biggest.

12 / 16 13:24 According to the Australian Reserve Bank, Australia has about the same GDP per head as the United States.

14:11 The largest ETF in the market is the Australian Government Securities Fund ETF, which has a market cap more than a billion dollars.

15 / 16 16:59 The biggest ETF in Australia is an ETF called the Australian National Stock Exchange (ANEX).

16 / 16 17:08 Australia has more ETFs than any other country in Europe.

17:09 The US is Australia and New Zealand’s largest trading partner, according a recent survey of US companies by Bloomberg Intelligence.

17 / 16 18:29 Australia has had the second-largest share of total foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first quarter of 2020, after China.

19 / 16 20:49 Australia is a leader globally in terms export competitiveness, according Bloomberg Intelligence, with Australia’s export performance a better than 50 per cent better than the rest of the Group of Seven.

20 / 16 21:30 Australia’s economy is expected to grow more than 8 per cent in 2020.

22 / 16 23:59 Australia has seen the largest growth in the S, P and A sectors, and the fastest growth in both the P and B segments.

24 / 16 25:44 New Zealand, the country with the highest share price in the index, is ranked second in the global rankings for the average price of shares.

26 / 16 27:23 Australia’s major exports are mineral resources, including gold, copper and nickel.

28 / 16 29:23 Australian stock exchanges have the second highest trading volume of any stock exchange in the Asia-Pacific region.

30 / 16 31:29 The Australian economy is growing at a rate of 6 per cent a year, according government statistics, compared to 5 per cent growth in Australia.

32 / 16 33:16 Australian banks have the fifth-largest deposits in the economy, and are the biggest in the Group.

34 / 16 35:01 Australia has been ranked as the world capital of financial services, and as the largest financial services market in the Americas.

36 / 16 37:33 The US and Australia have the world highest GDP per person.

38 / 16 39:15 Australia’s banks are the second and third largest in the region.

40 / 16 41:29 Australian banks are more diverse than their Asian and European counterparts, with some having branches in China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the Philippines. 42 /


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