How to buy Tesla stock in 2018

Tesla stock has been gaining steam recently, and investors are now looking to cash out as soon as possible.According to data from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Tesla stock is up over 2% in 2018, and is currently trading at around $300 a share.This makes Tesla stock a relatively cheap way to diversify your portfolio.But with that kind of […]

Why you need to buy the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series 7-in-1 laptop from Dell to get the best value for your money

Posted by Ars Technic’s tech staff on April 18, 2018 07:05:08 The Dell Inspix 15 7000 Series 7-In-1 is the latest high-end laptop from the company that has been the epitome of affordable tech since the launch of the Inspiron 14 7000 series in 2015.For some, this will be a familiar-looking product: an 8th generation Intel Core i5-7200U processor, a […]

Why the Blackberry Black is so special

The Blackberry is one of the most sought after smartphones in India, but the BlackBerry Black may be just as well.Read moreA Blackberry handset has a huge following in India and is the company’s top-selling smartphone.It was launched on November 25, 2017, by the Indian company, but is expected to sell for about $2,000-3,000, and has the widest range of […]

How to buy Christmas stockings

It’s Christmas stock, and it has no place in a modern day business.But in some countries, like Germany, it’s a fashion statement.And that’s exactly what Christmas stock is for.A lot of companies, from high-end brands like Chanel and Valentino to luxury brands like H&M and Gucci, have stockings as a way to highlight the rich history of the season.And it’s […]

What to look for when deciding if stock is worth investing in

Stock prices and earnings have been trending upwards recently, and many investors are eager to take advantage of this trend.But what is stock worth investing?What is a stock worth?Stock price can be a very useful tool when considering investing in stock, because it allows investors to evaluate stocks based on their fundamentals and future prospects.A stock can be worth more […]

Intel shares rally after news of NSA scandal

Microsoft stock is rising after the US government announced that a former NSA contractor has been charged with leaking information about the spy agency’s surveillance program.The tech giant, which is on a five-year buy-back program that was launched in July to try to bring down its debt, rose 3.5 per cent to $68.89 on Friday.Intel shares are on track to […]


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