BHP’s stock hits an all-time high with gains and falls

BHP has reported its biggest ever quarterly profit as the world’s largest producer of aluminium foil.The results were a major boost to the company’s prospects, which have been hit by a severe weather event in the Indian state of Maharashtra, which has been declared a state of emergency by the authorities.The aluminium market is the largest in the world and […]

When the next big movie comes out, it’s going to be an interesting time to watch

Bleacher Head, which is owned by AOL, said its new film-streaming service will be “the next big thing for media consumption.””AOL’s CinemaNOW will offer a cinematic experience that is unique to the entertainment business,” the site said.“As an AOL Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to watch and discover the films, TV shows, and movies of your choice in a whole […]

How to Save Yourself from the Debt Trap

You have two options when it comes to saving money, one of which is to invest in stocks that are going to grow.The other option is to use money you have saved to buy stocks that have already gone bust. To find out which is the best choice, we analyzed more than a hundred stocks from across the globe. If you’re looking […]

Why Donald Trump could run for president in 2020

The Republican front-runner could run in 2020 for the first time, sources say, despite some warning that he could get bogged down in the 2016 campaign.The presumptive nominee would face off against Democrat Hillary Clinton and Democratic rivals Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Maryland Gov.Martin O’Malley.The candidates are expected to announce their candidacies in a conference call later […]

Crum & McCombs stock is down to $5.00 a share, the latest in a long line of declines for the food company

Crum, the company that makes McCombs biscuits, has been struggling to maintain a profit since the financial crisis of 2008.Crum shares dropped 4.5% to $6.04 a share in premarket trading on Friday.Crum has fallen 7% in the past year and a half.Crum shares have also dropped in the last two days in the wake of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban […]

How to buy stock on the stock market without losing money

I want to buy shares of stock.The idea of investing in a company I love is irresistible.And, if you’re an American, you know what that means.The market is a beast.But as the United States’ economy has slowed and its stock market has slumped, many Americans have struggled to keep their heads above water.So how can I afford to invest in […]

When to buy the Disney stock in the stock market

The Disney stock market has reached a point where some investors are considering buying Disney stock before the company’s earnings report.The stock is currently trading at $84.19 a share, according to FactSet, up 0.5% from its peak of $83.10 a share on Monday.The company’s stock price has been trending higher since its peak last Thursday.Disney stock is one of the […]


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