Bill Gates to be the first billionaire in US history to donate $1 billion to charity

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will be the highest-profile American to make an unprecedented $1.1 billion donation to charity in 2017.Gates, who was born in India but has lived in the US for many years, is donating his entire fortune, worth more than $90 billion, to support causes that include the Humanitarian Assistance Project and a charity dedicated to helping victims […]

Which stock is right for you? – CNBC

The stock market has done a good job of picking winners in recent years.However, it may be time for some major companies to take a look at the more than 200 stocks that have performed better or worse than their peers.In fact, that’s where the market may get the most confusing.For example, let’s look at Apple.The iPhone maker has a […]

How a UK stock market crash could hit UK’s economy

Stock markets in the United Kingdom have plunged in the aftermath of Britain’s shock vote to leave the European Union, which has plunged the economy into chaos and plunged the value of sterling.The pound fell as much as 2.5 percent to $1.1799.However, Britain’s biggest stock exchange tumbled more than 10 percent in the early hours of Thursday morning, plunging the […]

Spirit Airlines stock falls to new low amid FAA investigation

Spirit Airlines, the airline that made headlines in the wake of a deadly plane crash, has slid to a new low after federal investigators said they had opened an investigation into whether it misled customers about the severity of the crash.The announcement Wednesday by the Transportation Safety Board, the federal agency that oversees airlines, comes as the carrier struggles to […]

How to buy a canopy grower in Israel

As the year nears its end, Israel is bracing for a bumper harvest of trees.It has seen the production of its native trees grow by over 10% over the past three years, while some parts of the country have seen yields increase by double digits.The annual harvest will be the largest ever recorded in Israel, with the country’s most valuable […]

How to find the right stock for your business?

This article was first published in February 2018 and is updated on September 18, 2018.Read the latest article The stock market is a big part of what makes a business successful.But there’s more to it than just the stock market.How do you know which stocks to buy and which to sell?It’s an incredibly complex task and one that requires a […]


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