How to buy Amazon stock on Polygon

Polygon is now available for $3.95.The subscription service will allow Polygon readers to subscribe to any of the hundreds of thousands of articles published each week, with a monthly price of $3 per article.Polygon subscriptions are free for anyone who wants to read more, but subscribers can also receive the Polygon newsletter, which contains exclusive content and features.The newsletter also […]

How to buy AstraZeneca stock

FourFour2: Astra Zeneca stock is undervalued and a lot of other stocks can go up article The stock is overvalued.It’s currently undervalued by about 20%.The stock market has been undervaluing stocks for years.It has been overvalued in the past.The current valuations are way out of whack.It should be around $50-60 now, or $150-200 in a reasonable market.This is just a […]

Which stocks are trending in Australia today?

The market has been on a tear today, with many analysts saying it could continue to rise this week and next.The rally has been fuelled by an expected rise in crude oil prices and an expectation that the Federal Government will lift a carbon tax.However, a report from the US investment bank Piper Jaffray today found that while there is […]

Kodak stock to hit a record high at the end of the year

Kodak will hit a new all-time high of $2,834.35 at 12:01am GMT (03:01 UTC) on Thursday.The stock will move up 4.2% to $2.7174 on Thursday, its highest level since June 2015, according to data from market researcher Bernstein.The company said on Wednesday that the record was set by the company’s last earnings report in February.Kodak said it expects its earnings […]

Xom stock hits new high after new CEO

Xom shares climbed after new chief executive announced plans to boost earnings amid a slowing Chinese economy.The stock jumped 1.6% after the company posted a profit of $3.25 million.The Palo Alto, Calif., company said its revenue fell for the fourth quarter of 2016 to $3 billion.The company is the latest U.S. company to announce a restructuring or job cuts in […]


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