Which Disney stocks are up most?

Disney is on track to post a net profit of $6.7 billion in fiscal 2018.The company’s stock is up more than 7% since December.This is the first profit the company has reported since it announced its fiscal 2018 results on Dec. 16.Disney also said it has made a $1 billion investment in its film and television production operations.Disney expects its […]

B&Co stock price rises after Fed cuts $1.8bn in subsidies

The Israel-based supermarket chain B&&amp, which had announced in September that it would be cutting its $1 billion in subsidies, has climbed after the Fed cut its subsidy.The Israeli supermarket chain, which was the biggest seller of dairy products in the US, said on Thursday it was cutting its US subsidy for US-based retailers to $1,828 a year from $1 […]

What’s in your bank account right now?

In January, Bank of America announced it would cut $2 billion in capital and would stop selling mortgage-backed securities, making it the first major U.S. bank to do so.That’s the result of two factors: First, it’s trying to cut its exposure to the mortgage market and second, it wanted to raise cash from its mortgage insurance program.But what’s in the […]

How to use Peloton’s stock price calculator

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.— It was the kind of news that would make any news organization blush.On Saturday, Peloton announced that its stock price had rocketed more than 300 percent from the day before.The jump was caused by the company’s decision to issue a $1.5 billion share repurchase order, the company said.The stock has since fallen more than 60 percent.Peloton is […]

When You Get The Latest Apple News app, You’ll Get All The Latest Stock Market Info You’ve Ever Wanted

By default, Apple News offers a massive array of news, stock and business news sources for you to explore.The app can also offer a number of different feeds including, Apple stock, news from AppleInsider and Business Insider.While news and stock feeds are available in Apple News, Apple has not released a separate app to provide a separate set of stock […]


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