How to make money from Alibaba stock

The tech giant has been on the hunt for an international buyer to take over the Alibaba business since the company went public in 2014.But after a deal brokered in May, it was not clear who the right buyer was.Now, however, Alibaba is looking to acquire its rival, Japan’s SoftBank.“If they were to purchase SoftBank, I think it would make […]

How to buy stock in the stock market on Friday

Time Warner Inc. is moving ahead with its planned acquisition of Time Warner Cable Inc., the biggest cable company in the United States, after weeks of public pressure that forced the company to put its plans on hold.The deal is expected to close sometime between Wednesday and Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter, who spoke on condition of […]

Pfizer stock prices up again after India’s Pravin Raveendran dies

Pravil Raveenran, the chief executive of Pfizer India, died in Delhi on Tuesday, according to the company.Pfizer’s stock market values have risen in the past few days, according with Raveena’s death.Palo Alto-based Pfizer has gained about 5% in the last two weeks.Pfizer also has about 8% of India’s pharmaceutical industry, according the Indian government.The stock market is trading at Rs […]

How Tesla shares rallied as Teslas surge in US market

Tesla stock is rising as a surge in demand for electric vehicles has put the battery company’s shares on a tear, with a new record high.The company’s stock price soared more than $2,000 on Tuesday, after Tesla announced it had delivered the Model 3 sedan to customers in just four days.The rally comes amid a sharp drop in gasoline prices […]

How to get in on the ‘Moderna’ IPO

Moderna stock closed up 3.85% at $1.08 on Wednesday on the Nasdaq.The company is up nearly 3% since its October 10 debut.The stock has been trading at about $1 per share since March.The stock has grown by about 30% in the past two years, but the company has struggled to keep pace with growth in other emerging markets.

How a tech startup’s acquisition of $10bn could reshape the internet

Tech startups often face competition from their big, established competitors.They often want to take advantage of the same kinds of customers they are trying to reach.But they face challenges, too, in reaching those customers and attracting them.They also face competition for the same things, such as the ability to innovate quickly.The recent acquisition of a tech start-up by Google is […]

Which are the best paypal stocks for stock investing?

Stock trading platforms such as and are widely available on the internet, and these platforms are also a popular way to invest in stock options.Both sites are used to make trades on stocks, and the best ways to invest are based on the trade size, as well as the quality of the trades.The first question we wanted to […]

When to stop worrying and get back to work

A new study finds that the best way to make a change in your life and build momentum is to get back on the treadmill, rather than doing the same thing over and over again.In fact, the study, published Monday in the journal PLOS One, suggests that by the time you’re 40, it’s too late to change your life trajectory.“It […]


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