What’s next for Walmart stock?

Walmart stock price continues to rise on Wednesday, rising 0.3% on the news that the US Food and Drug Administration will grant approval for the use of the new Nio brand of drug to treat people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the latest setback for the health-care giant. Walgreens stock also climbed on the announcement, closing up 0.4% to $56.85. The announcement marks […]

What is this subreddit?

Reddit /u/rsp_gordon_m_ has an AMA with redditors who want to know what this subreddit is about.He mentions how this subreddit exists to encourage the creation of content and to provide a safe space for people to discuss politics and social issues.He also mentioned that there is a subreddit called /r\/srsr, and that is about people of all genders, backgrounds, and […]

How to watch GEVO stock as it is moving lower

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has closed down 0.5% for the week, after falling as much as 7% during the week.The stock is down nearly a third in 2017 and its worst performance since 2010, as the global economy has faltered and many major companies have been forced to cut their payrolls.The Dow is down about 300 points since it […]

How to use the stock market to your advantage

Stock market investing has become a popular way of diversifying a portfolio of assets.This article will explain how to use stock markets as an investment vehicle, and will show you the difference between a fixed-income fund, a fund that invests in stocks and bonds and an ETF.We will also look at how to get a good return from a fund […]

What to look for when deciding if stock is worth investing in

Stock prices and earnings have been trending upwards recently, and many investors are eager to take advantage of this trend.But what is stock worth investing?What is a stock worth?Stock price can be a very useful tool when considering investing in stock, because it allows investors to evaluate stocks based on their fundamentals and future prospects.A stock can be worth more […]


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